Aug , 11


Kitty Gets A Bath

Artist : Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Song : The Boogie Bumper
Album: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Shot this a couple hours ago just for funsies and a chance to play with the new Sony PMW F3, seemed like a good idea in the moment. Turns out that giving the dog a bath and trying to work camera at the same time isn’t so easy after all. That said, for the couple hours it took to shoot, edit and toss on the web it’s still good enough to make my Mom happy.

Nuttin fancy, technically not my best, would have loved some better angles and there’s deffinatly some overexposed moments towards the end, my only defense is that I was holding a wet dog, I was actually just grateful that when I brought up the footage there were enough shots that were in focus to make anything at all.

So yes, technically it’s less than brilliant but thankfully a cute dog can make shoddy shooting and editing borderline irrelevant.

Shot in F3’s S&Q (slow) motion with just the kit 50 2.0 lens and no color correction or additional effects.

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