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Underground Planet got a new toy (Sony PMW-F3), limited time discount pricing!

Above is me with my happy face just about as giddy as a frikkin schoolgirl kickin it in Austin Texas holding Underground Planet’s brand spanking new Sony PMW-F3 k.

If you’ve read any of the descriptions of  the video’s we’ve done you know that we’ve used a ton of different cameras in the past. For the camera geeks this has included, but has not been limited to: Old school VHS, the Canon XL1, Canon XL1 S, the Canon XH A1, the Sony EX1, the Sony EX1 with Letus35 Extreme, Canon T2i’s, Canon 7D, the RED. The evolution of cameras and technology over the years has been, and I’m sure will continue to be, an exciting ride. For me personally of all the cameras currently on the market the Sony PMW F3 is quite simply the best of the bunch.

I’ll suppress my desire to give you the long litany of reasons as to why I think that as I’m certain that in doing so I would inevitably bore the non-shooters to death but, what I will say briefly is that any pro knows that different projects (and even different shots within those projects) may require different tools, the trick is to figure out which one you would use the most, this camera is that. Stunning imagery, Super 35mm image sensor approximately 4x larger than those in most DSLR’s, incredible low light, long recording times, PL Lenses, little or no rolling shutter/moire, quick workflow with SxS cards and file format …

Damn, I started making a list … mah bad …

If you were just here to find out about the current discounts were offering and had to suffer through that, sorry, I’m easily distracted. Upshot is this, we have an UH-MAZING new camera and love shooting with it! For a limited time we’re willing to take on some projects for a lot less than usual just so we get to play around with it and acquire incredible footage along the way that we can show off . If you or your business and need a commercial, some  promotional videos,  something for the web, or if you’re a recording artist or in a band and in need of a music video, if you need product demonstrations, training video’s, whatever! Now is the best time ever to hit us up! Not only will you be getting us cheaper than usual but your project will look even better than anything we’ve done in the past (new awesome camera remember!?!)

Though there’s no official cut off date I think it’s safe to assume we’ll only be offering the discounts for a couple weeks. You can book now in advance and get a discount on something you may need done a couple months down the line.

And do know that outside of the discount, if your project requires another specific camera for any reason at all, of course, as always, Underground Planet is happy to accommodate. Just let us know.

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  1. Very nice!!! I know exactly what you’re talking about. I do that every single time I get a new camera. This is what I love about living in Austin, the diversity of people that makes our industry as unique as it is. Very cool way to present who you are and what you do by the way. Please keep me posted about your projects and what you have in the works. Maybe we’ll get to help you with some of your productions by providing you with some aerial shots.

    Orlando Masis

    By Orlando Masis on Feb 8, 2015

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