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Bandita Couture – The Photos

Above is one of the pics I took recently of the incredible model Alexis Eden for Stacy Zeiler Kenyon’s “Bandita Coulture” bikini line. Totally flattered beyond words that Stacy even asked me to do this as I don’t much consider myself a photographer. The two primary reasons I don’t is that primarily I deal with video and photography is just something I kinda play around with, here lately more often than not  pics of my heartbreakingly adorable puppy. Secondly because the advent of the internet has degraded the word “photographer” to mean any duchebag that can afford a digital camera and claims to be one in an attempt to bait girls into posing for them. Girls if you want horrible pictures, go see those guys. No disrespect intended to the many real photographers out there who have an eye and a talent that I would kill for. I probably don’t even have to apologize to you who are the real deal because you know exactly the kinda people I’m talking about.

Ha! Okay, forgive the rant, back to what I was saying, was more than a little nervous walking into this since it’s not my usual cup of tea but as I’ve said elsewhere I am just in awe of Stacy’s work and vision and when she asked, despite my trepidation I couldn’t say no. Beyond that I always love the nervousness that comes from being challenged creatively but between you and me, if any of these pics are any good all the credit goes to her for her vision, the model Alexis who just killed it on every pose and had one of the best attitudes of any model I’ve worked with, Kat Johnson for the awesome hair and makeup, Becca Powe for the styling help and input and my crew Matthew Iha and Tony Hubbard for all the hard work they put in to make it happen.

… sorry I made this into some kinda weird acceptance speech. Here are the rest of the pics that will be featured on Stacy’s site and stay tuned for the video coming soon:

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10 5 9 3 12
13 6 8    

Yes ladies all these swimsuits will be available soon! The official Bandita Couture site is still under construction but bookmark it check back often!

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