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For Love & Stacie

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“Before he has a chance to think too much, struggling filmmaker Michael Davis throws himself wholeheartedly into crafting a celluloid valentine for Stacie, his very recent ex-girlfreind and soul mate. What could go wrong? Even Michael couldn’t have predicted the unbelievable twists and turns he would capture on his camera in the following days, which would eventually evolve into the feature “For Love & Stacie” – at once a courageous, cathartic, hopelessly romantic testament to the lengths to which we will go for love, and a darkly comic, almost-too-honest, painfully familiar odyssey through the kind of misery and psychological debasement that only a loved on is capable of inflicting”

So it’s been quite awhile since I made my feature doc For Love & Stacie, though it’s won a handful of awards it’s yet to make me rich … or even buy me a taco. With that in mind like most “artists” it’s become more important to me for it to be seen than for it to make me money. Of course it would be nice to have both but as the latter hasn’t happened I’ll just have to push for the former. Basically I’d rather give it away and hope its seen by many rather than continue to try and sell it and have it only seen by a few. All that said, here it is, free on the internet for the world, or at least a couple people with too much time on their hands, to see in all it’s original glory. Well, not “all” it’s original glory, had to compress it quite a bit to get it online but you get what I mean. I only have two favors to ask if you watch it:

1) Post something about it! Somewhere! Anywhere! Even if you hate it and want to dog it that’s fine with me. If you love it tell the world. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, your blog, message boards, whatever. Since it seems impossible for a little indi filmmaker to make a dime doing this (at least for this little indie filmmaker) it would mean everything to me and I’d be ever grateful just to know it’s been seen by many and hopefully liked by a few. So give it a mention and share the link.

2) No SPOILERS! Again, you can crap all over it if you want to when you post but do me the one honor of not giving anything away to those who haven’t seen it.

That’s it, if ya really REALLY like it you can find it for sale on DVD or a much higher res download on but honestly at this point it would actually mean more to me for people to post about it than to buy it.


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Look forward to hearing what you think. There are some tidbits about the film on it’s MySpace page but in here I’ll only say that For Love & Stacie went from concept to completion, by that meaning literally from the day I had the idea till the day it was shot and completely edited in six months. The total budget was 3k. It was filmed on Canon XL2’s (oh how I wish I had my EX1 back then!) and edited in Sony Vegas. Any questions just ask, but if your question has spoilers I won’t be able to answer! For full cast and crew visit it’s IMDB page:

Thanks a bunch and hope you like it.

– Ray

P.S. Okay, a friend of mine nicely pointed out that since my electricity is about to get cut off because it’s two months behind and I don’t have rent, mayhaps it wouldn’t hurt to put up a donations page for those who enjoyed it and would be willing to make a little donation. I can’t imagine anyone would but if you do well God bless ya, a penny would make me smirk, a buck would make me smile, 5-10 and I’ll do a happy dance, and anything more I think I’ll just spontaneously wet my pants. Know that anything I manage to get back from this will go to rent and the pile of bills I’m behind on. If it ever gets more than I need (like that’ll happen) it will help me payoff some equipment. So if your feel so inclined just click the link below to PayPal and pick a number! I seriously find the quality of my life is just so much better when I have the lights on!

Click Here To Donate Via Paypal
No Amount Is Too Small

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19 Responses to "For Love & Stacie"

  1. Most excellent. . .!

    By Earl J on Aug 26, 2009

  2. A talented look at the travails of love…from Austin’s most talented film writer, producer, and cinematographer.

    By Joel Melton on Sep 1, 2009

  3. Wow, “strangely compelling” is really a great way to describe your masterpiece. It was so compelling that I had to watch in in one run…in the middle of my workday!!! I was totally carried away with your storytelling and the unexpectable ending.

    I send you my small but modest contribution via PayPal. Hope things turns economically better for you doing the thing you like most – videos!!!

    Helsinki / Finland

    By Christian Godzinsky on Sep 1, 2009

  4. I really wanted to watch the film but it’s squashed to tightly between the header and footer of the blog and that really makes it hard to watch, and I can’t click to go to Vimeo or wherever else to watch it either so… I guess I’ll have to pass.

    By Daryl Tay on Sep 9, 2009

  5. Well i comment better after i see the film

    By Wayne Trojan on Sep 9, 2009

  6. OMG! This is the best movie/video I have ever seen on the Internet! Never in my life has anything ever affected me so deeply that it left me shaking! I guarantee I shook for at least 45 min that finally led me to smoke a cigarette! This video brought up very deep emotions that I have never felt before, really! It was brilliant, thought provoking, nail biting suspenseful, shocking as hell! It was so real that I felt like I was actually in the movie and I could feel their strong emotions like they were mine. When the movie was over I walked away with a whole new level of unusually strong emotions I have never felt before. I can honestly say this is the first time I have ever felt a movie on such a deep level! I realize that it might be controversial or disturbing for some but I think thats what makes this movie so fascinating and so real! I would even go as far to say that even though it’s a bit risky for someone else to promote, I would be willing to put my name on the line and risk my reputation as an online marketer to promote this story! Do you want to know why? Because this is what makes great movies that get people talking and left with paralyzing shock. Your taking something past a line that nobody else has crossed and that makes people stop and say WTF?? Can he really do that, am I really seeing what I’m seeing, I can’t believe he had the balls to do that! With all that being said you just accomplished what you were trying to do in the first damn place!!!! How’s that for some lengthy feedback?? You asked and I just spoke the truth!

    By Toni lamb on Sep 10, 2009

  7. I hope everything works out for you. I know exactly how you feel. Break ups are rough.. especially if you still love the other person.

    By Desarae on Sep 10, 2009

  8. WOW! Amazing. Had me going, i felt for him cause i recently went through a tough break-up (but not that tough). never to doing any of those things. Great flick. Hope everything you produce is just as good. Good Luck.

    Joseph Cisneros

    Audio Producer/Audio Engineer
    The Moving Image Co./Dead Man Studios

    By Joseph Cisneros on Sep 16, 2009

  9. I first saw “For Love and Stacie” at a film festival in Wichita Falls Texas and I’ve never…in 20 years of independent film work…seen an audience erupt into spontaneous applause after a screening for a low budget film. Excellent movie, great ending! Skip Blockbuster tonight and download “For Love and Stacie”. Nuff said?

    By Casey Crow on Sep 18, 2009

  10. Dude!! First And Foremost I Commend You For Jumping Out There Like That.. Great Doc.. Honest And Real!! At The VERY Least.. There Are Still Cats Out There That Are Honest With Themselves And That My Friend Is True Power..

    Kudos!! and Respect!!


    By Jay on Sep 22, 2009

  11. wow…. i wasn’t expecting ANYTHING when I first clicked on a link to come here. I actually watched this entire thing. I was so confused at first as to the nature of this film. It kind of took me on a ride. As I figured everything out, let me just say… for some no names, you guys can act. Seriously, Ray… you have skill as an actor. Guys, go for it. if you need some help with musical scores, let me know. (As I do the scores for Family Guy, and LOST) Keep it up, and I’ll talk to some of my friends in the distribution world.

    By Ron on Sep 28, 2009

  12. WOW! Could not stop watching. Drew me in from the start and brought back some not so great memories! An emotional ride. I was for the girl in the beginning, hated the girl in the middle, felt sorry for everyone involved and laughed my ass off at the end. I am a huge fan now. Can’t wait to work with you. Peace and God bless your endeavors.

    By Rex Robards on Nov 4, 2009

  13. Totally got me man. I watched 2/3 before I went to work. I was totally believing it was real and even relating to “Michael”. Once I started to finish it, I saw the light…so to speak. Amazing movie!!! The acting was so believable. The ending was the best. Keep doing what you do…

    By Mathis on Dec 11, 2009

  14. Perhaps comment 13 should be edited, if you do, edit this one too as to eliminate the reference.

    Liked it, will support you with a donation but I can’t come up with anything that might not be a spoiler except maybe one: if you got to this comment it’s probably too late but watch this without reading the comments first.

    Good luck to you and hope to see more from all involved in the future.

    By Ariel Orellana/Mexico on Dec 18, 2009

  15. Great flick Ray. I was kinda bored in the begining, and was like oh my god this guy really just made this for some chick, and here I am watching like a doofus. Glad I stuck around. I posted it on my facebook page with some kudos. Hopefully you get a few more views on it. I predict this will remain an underground classic for awhile. Hope u can make some money on it, u deserve it. I actually feel like a thief watching it for free. I am unemployed myself, otherwise a donation from me would be definately on your way. Hope u make some more stuff man, keep up the good work.

    By Scott on Jan 21, 2010

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