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Finally nearly recovered from an unexpected trip to Salt Lake City & LA. I was asked by Mannie Frances and Douglas Spotted Eagle from Vasst to come out a shoot some test footage with the RED Tesla for Sony’s presentation during RED’s first REDucation week.

The shoot was meant to be fairly simple, some glam type shots of three BMW’s on the Slat Flats. Originally the owners of the cars were only willing to get the cars out there and more or less plop them down for us to get some shots with perhaps a couple slow drive-bys. We actually spent a good 30 minutes in a nearby gas station while they painstakingly polished every detail before heading out to the location. After filling up the only two 8 gig cards we had with footage one of the owners spontaneously peeled out and started doing donuts, the other two were quick to follow. When this began Mannie and I had been looking at some of the shots on a laptop straight from the camera in Vegas and without batting so much as an eye decided to format one of the cards so we would have some room to capture some of this. Glad we did, got some amazing shots. I’ll see if I can get some of the source footage to make a little montage.

Fast forward a couple days and Mannie and I are in LA at the LA Center Studios for REDucation week demoing Sony Vegas with the fresh footage in one of their awesome 4k theaters in front of a live audience. Was a blast, the presentation went great considering just days before I had no clue that I’d be doing it! Vegas performed flawlessly during my part of the demo and Mannie did a great job co-presenting and filling in the blanks by pointing out some of other RED specific improvements Vegas had made in their latest updates. On a side note I had met Ted Schilowitz from RED at NAB before but it was kinda neat to have him come up and welcome us while we were getting ready to present. Really wish we had had more time to just hang out and absorb but was back in the airport and on a plane just hours after we wrapped up.

Suffice to say it was an incredible week. Getting to spend some time with Spot (Douglas Spotted Eagle) and Mannie as I bounced between staying at their respective houses in Utah, to the shoot,  to the cool room at The Standard in LA, to the presentation at REDucation, just incredible. Hope we get to do it again next year!

– Ray

Salt Flats 103 Salt Flats 269 Salt Flats 073 Salt Flats 071 Salt Flats 090
Salt Flats 100 Salt Flats 094 Salt Flats 084 Salt Flats 102 Image 235

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  1. Hello Ray,

    I enjoyed reading this. The photos look amazing. I also enjoyed having you at REDucation. We will be doing a smaller scale RED intensive in New York September 17 and the next Community Day is October 15. I hope you will be back to join us.

    Kindest Regards

    Robin (the girl at Community Day Registration)

    By Robin on Jul 27, 2009

  2. These pics look good! Looks like a snowy day in summer.

    By Julien on Aug 5, 2009

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