Jun , 09


Next Project! Larissa Ness Music Video


As of today it’s officially official! Underground Planet is tickled pink to announce that we will be producing a new music video for pop-artist Larissa Ness. The video will be for her song “Thoughts Of You” which was featured in Jennifer Love Hewitt’s hit TV show The Ghost Whisperer and its gonna be unlike anything we have done to date.

Among other things (can’t give everything away!) it will be our first music video to have (drum roll please!) choreography! Instructor/Choreographer Carly Bell has graciously signed on to handle and oversee all things dance which will be a blend of ballroom, hip-hop and contemporary. Slated to begin shooting August we’ve swiftly moved into pre-production and casting has begun! Let the games begin!

In the meantime go grab her CD off of CD Baby or buy and download it directly fromĀ  iTunes, a girls gotta eat!

Larissa Ness – “Hello” on CD Baby

Larissa Ness – “Hello” on iTunes

Larissa Ness

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