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Crimson Envy – Ordinary (Live)

A quick and dirty lil live music vid for Austin/San Antonio band Crimson Envy. This was a one camera shoot so basically I bounced around the club grabbing different angles during their set and than through the magic of editing whittled it all down to one song … hence the uber short shots. The audio was taken from the board, huge props to Tatum Ruthardt for the final mix down.

Shot with a Sony EX1 w/Letus35 Extreme, edited in Sony Vegas with liberal applications of Magic Bullet Looks.


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  1. Love it that you are using Sony Vegas. I am not a pro video editor by any means but if I decided to want to make a little money at it, I know I have the right tools.

    By Richard Muscarello on Jun 13, 2012

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