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Adan Davila – I’m Sorry

Artist : Adan Davila
Song : Sorry
Album: Open Up
Director: Raymond J. Schlogel
Production Company : Underground Planet

This music video is for Houston Texas solo artist Adan Davila. Since this was going to be Adan performing without a band I wanted to try to incorporate some other elements to keep it visually interesting. Of course when working on a budget and needing some additional footage what better than old footage that’s now in the public domain?

I didn’t want to simply make the shots of Adan black and white or use a generic film effect so I decided to go with more of a ” Pleasantville” look. After some thought on how to best accomplish this it occurred to me that the easiest most efficient way would be by simply lighting everything but him with green gels and removing the saturation in post. There are pre-effect pics along the bottom right of this page to see how it looked before removing the saturation from the background.

This video was shot and edited in three days though countless hours were spent combing through footage to find the right clips that would capture the passion, angst, and longing that I hoped to convey … with just a hint of levity thrown in for good measure. =)

Adan Davila 3 Adan Davila 5 Adan Davila 4
Adan Davila 6 Adan Davila 2 Adan Davila 1


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