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Brandon Jenkins – Down In Flames

Artist : Brandon Jenkins
Song : Down In Flames
Album: Down In Flames
Director: Raymond J. Schlogel
Production Company : Underground Planet

Another “Oldie but a goodie”, this one from 2005. Music Video for Austin/Oklahoma artist Brandon Jenkins. What’s kind of cool about this one for me is that I had had the idea of a band performing in front of steal drums that were on fire and the burning pictures years before this video, had even sketched them out. Could there have been a better song for it? This song was also my first go at Particle Illusion, felt that it needed something a bit more at the end. Thankfully there was only second degree burn during the making of this video (a PA stuck his hand inside one of the barrels to light it).

Oh, and I think this vid was filmed with a couple Canon XL1S’s and one XL1.

2005 Payne County Line New Video Of The Year: Brandon Jenkins – “Down In Flames”
2006 Payne County Line Video Of The Year : Brandon Jenkins – “Down in Flames”


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