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J-Roc – Roc N Roll

Artist : J-Roc
Song : Roc N Roll
Album: Raising Hell
Director: Raymond J. Schlogel
Production Company : Underground Planet

A blast from the past, this one going back to 2005, music video for Atlanta rapper J-Roc for his song “Roc N Roll”. Shot on Canon XL2’s.

I’m a huge fan of self deprecating humor when a music vid can get away with it so the concept was (not that I would know) but apparently when a guy is getting a dance from a hot chick at a strip club they tend to feel kinda cool, like a rock star. So J-Roc goes into a club, gets hit up for a dance, and when the dance starts the “I’m a Rap God” fantasy takes over. He’s on stage rapping and it with hot chicks and it seems no matter where he goes or what he’s doing, even as mundane as grocery shopping, he’s so the shit that dancers are hanging out in the isles. He of course, to cool for school, is ambivalent. All this comes to a screeching halt when the dance is over and the stripper hits him up for another dance. The vid was meant to have other locations including a public bathroom, laundromat, etc but sadly the budget ran out.


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